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Excuses excuses…

So, I haven’t managed to blog anything this week. Which is very rubbish indeed. I have excuses, some reasonably good ones, some less so.

Excuse 1. I forgot all about Teaser Tuesday until about ten to eleven when I was headed for bed. Lame excuse. But honest.

Excuse 2. I didn’t do What I’m Reading Wednesday because I had to go have the ’12 week’ scan for baby. Discovered actually at 16 weeks, rather than the predicted 13, so new month set for due date. Scan was far away so we made a day of it and didn’t get back until late. If you are interested, I am still reading Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison because I also haven’t done much reading this week and haven’t finished it yet… Reasonable excuse.

Excuse 3. I haven’t dome my September Spectacular review because I haven’t finished my book yet. ‘It’s not the end of the week yet,’ I hear you say. Well, no, but I’m going away tomorrow so I won’t be able to do it in time now. I was meant to get it done by today. Not reading the book scuppered this somewhat.

Excuse 4. This week has seen the return of my excessive ‘morning’ sickness, rendering me a bit useless and causing me to now know every available toilet in Telford shopping centre and how to get there from most shops. Reading and writing are a challenge when I am like this.

All my other excuses run along the lines of ‘been too busy chasing after Tori and doing unexciting things like washing up, hoovering and food shopping…

So yes, I am sorry and I will be better next week. Please forgive me đŸ˜¦

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