Just For Fun · Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday on Sluiter Nation is to pick your Top Ten blog posts from your own blog.

This could be tough, but here we go!

  • Sanctuary Spa Review – I picked this one because it makes me happy. I partly wrote it because I loved the products but mostly I wrote it because receiving them as a gift made me feel special and I wanted to make sure Paula knew just how much I appreciated being thought of.
  • The Name Game 2 – The marathon of baby naming summarised in a blog. It made me laugh to write this and it was a fun challenge to do, even if we are still clueless as to what to name BabyBump in a month and a half’s time
  • Discovering Snow – Snow is always great but watching my little girl really discover it for herself this year was something else. A simple post full of special memories.
  • Something Nice To Wear – This was a bit of a rant but I very much enjoyed it and felt so much better afterwards!
  • Lasagne – The tale of one of the most disasterous meals I ever tried to make. Beetle anyone?
  • There’s More To Life Than Meanwood – A piece I wrote about how my family ended up spread out across the world and how little old me was born in Germany but didn’t get the family adventurous gene.
  • Something Quiet – Not a happy post. But a special one.
  • Heart Throbs – Sheepish confessions of guilty fictional loves.
  • The King Of The Crags Review – I love this book, idolise the author…and he commented on my review and linked it on his website. *Total FanGirl spaz*
  • Kids Hate Reading and other stories – This post makes me laugh more than any other just because of the comments afterwards. One guy totally missed the point of my piece and the ensuing, ah, discussion was utterly hilarious. Highest number of hits I have ever had in a day and the most I had laughed in a while too. Silly man.

There we are. My Top Ten Posts. What are yours?

One thought on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. LOVED all the comments on the Kids Hate Reading post. I want to feel alive when I read, no matter who the author is, or where they sit in the literary hierarchy. That might be the best comments I’ve read in a long while, even if the guy was a snob. 😉

    Stopping by from Top Ten Tuesay. 🙂

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