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Reasons To Be Cheerful – Week 2


My new Cosatto Polka Dogs double stroller arrived in the post. It is beyond awesomely cute and I’m a bit sad that I now have to wait til February to actually use it. But me, BabyBump and Tori are going to look totally cool when we hit the streets with it, that’s for sure!



Today the swelling in my lip has gone down and my gland has reduced from ‘tennis ball’ to ‘golf ball’ size thanks to the tablets the doctor pescribed me after a mean and evil midgey thing bit me in the shower on Tuesday. I am starting to feel human again and more willing to go outside as I no longer look quite so much like I’ve been in a punch-up!




Yesterday I was feeling particularly rubbish partly coz of my infected face and partly because I was utterly exhausted for some reason. Everything just caught up with me at once, I think. So, instead of spending his day off relaxing and having some ‘Sy Time’ he took over everything: kept Tori entertained, did the washing up and put all the washing in the machine AND tumble dried it and, best of all, made me go to bed and relax. I spent half the day asleep, got up, made dinner and then went back to bed. Today I feel much better for it and don’t look like a Panda.

It is things like this that make me love him like I do 🙂 Thank you Symie xx


What has made YOU cheerful this week? Link up over at Mummy From The Heart and share your reasons – you never know, just reading them might cheer you up 🙂




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