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Seven things you (probably) don’t know about me…

(Here are the guidelines:
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Give 7 facts about yourself.
Award up to 15 great bloggers you’ve recently discovered)

I’ve been tagged by HelloIt’sGemma (via Twitter) and by Cherry-mum of 6 AND over at Looking For Blue Sky (I feel so loved!) to share seven things you don’t know about me. Seven. It’s such a big number all of a sudden and I feel very boring…

1. As a child my life’s ambitions were to become a news reader, to own my own pet shop, become a published author or, preferably, to randomly morph into a Grey Wolf (or pretty much any other animal to be honest…). I can’t actually say that I’ve got any more ambitious – I still one day want to see a book somewhere with my name on the shiny cover and I genuinely wouldn’t mind if I got furry and sprouted fangs. (Not werewolf weird half-wolfy type thing. Proper wolf. In a forest.) (Liberty just sent me this link to HyperboleAndAHalf’s latest post. I would *so* have been one of those girls.)

2. If I am ever walking along and seem to be in a total daze, chances are I am utterly lost in an imaginary world of talking animals having some kind of random ‘adventure’ on the other side of the hedge/street (in the style of Brian Jaques’ Redwall series). This is something I started doing when I was a kid walking the almost two miles to school – I should probably have grown out of it by now but, to be honest, oversized squirrels and polecats with swords make life more interesting…

3. I love being a Mummy but right up until I had Tori I totally wasn’t a baby person. Really really not. I’d do pretty much anything to avoid babies – cross the road etc etc. Show me a puppy, however, and I’d be there like a shot. Or a cat, or hamster, or hissing cockroach…anything but a baby.

4. Grasshoppers and crickets are the scariest thing on the planet. This is a fact. They make me cry, give me nightmares and generally make me feel like a three year old lost in a graveyard in the dark.

5. I am often guilty of saying ‘yes’ when someone asks if I know what I’m meant to be doing, even when I haven’t got the slightest idea. I then get too afraid/ashamed to ask and spend ages trying to spy on other people for clues. I probably often end up looking like a prat but my fear of asking for help conquers any embarrassment I feel in the end. I should get over this. I’m pretty certain most people wouldn’t eat me if I admitted that I don’t know what to do.

6. When I was marshalling at the London Marathon a couple of years ago it was very hot and our post became an emergency water point. I have never opened so many bottles of water in one day and trust me, it wasn’t all that fun (blistering, bleeding hands – understatement), however, I gave Kai Owen (Rhys from Torchwood) a bottle of water. This made my year. I may actually have squealed in over-excitement after he set off again. I also saw Gordon Ramsay who totally didn’t swear when he got cramp at the 25 mile point. I was very surprised.

7. I love cross-stitching but I am terrible for starting things and never finishing them. Currently I have half a CareBear hiding in a cupboard. Tori might get it for her second birthday. If she is lucky. Very lucky.

There you are. My seven facts. And now for my tags. I have recently discovered lots of blogs that are new to me, if not necessarily ‘new’ blogs with regards to how long they have been going. I fully expect some have already been tagged but hopefully I’ll get some new people to share their seven secrets with us too 🙂

Have fun folks!!!

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