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Listography: Ingredients For A Perfect Day

KateTakes5 has had a bit of a rubbish week this week (hope you ALL feel better soon!) and this has prompted a Listography made of purely wishful thinking : What 5 things would help add together to make your perfect day?

BabyBump arriving would make today perfect *hint hint Bumpy*, however, that aside my Perfect Day would run something like this:


Guide-Camp breakfast.

I loved camping with Guides. For lots of different reasons but the food was definitely a big attraction. Especially breakfast. I don’t know why but when camping I was always capable of demolishing six times as much food as normal and breakfast was no exception. My perfect breakfast for my perfect day? A little bit of each of these please, all cooked over a proper fire in a pan, outside…!

Cheese Dreams (basically a cheese toastie…only fried in a pan instead of toasted)

Eggy bread

Bacon, sausages, scrambled egg, beans, fried bread…



A long walk through the countryside with a dog.

I miss dog walking at Bath Cats and Dogs Home *so* much.


Hope you're doing well in your Forever Home, Rae girl x

Not having a woofwoof of my own I fell in love with all the dogs there instead, whether they were fleeting love-affairs with cute fluffy dogs that were only there a week or two or long-lasting companionship with dogs that were a bit rougher round the edges and took longer to home. During the week, if I wasn’t in a lecture or seminar I was at BCDH. Some days I’d spend 5 hours there just walking dogs of all shapes and sizes regardless of the weather or anything else. I had my favourites of course, but I was willing to take any fuzzball out for a stroll, well-behaved or otherwise.


Sexy Jimmy x Daft dog x

If I could choose though, as it is my Perfect Day I’m planning here, I would want to take out either Shadow, James or Rae. My three favourite dogs in the world. (RIP Shady & Jimmy, love you xx)

Shady Baby. Miss you so much x


Lunch Out with Sy.

Somewhere nice. Anywhere. Posh-ish but not too posh. Just us, no sproglets so we could have a drink (yes, at lunch time) and just spend some time being ourselves together relaxing and having a giggle.



Go watch a Matinee performance at the Theatre with my family & Liberty.

I’m not fussy what. I’d love to see Blood Brothers again or indulge myself with The Lion King but, really, I just love the theatre experience generally musical, Shakespeare, whatever. Again, I’d probably find a babysitter for the littleys and go with my parents, siblings, Sy & Liberty as a grown-up affair. I do love the Smalls but it’s nice to have grown-up time too…



Night-Out on the town.

I have never been one for doing this *all* the time. Not even when I was at Uni. However, when I did go out I loved it and it happens even less often now. I would love to get all the Uni crowd together and the old College Crew and Sy and my big sister and brother and their other halves and go out on the town somewhere and get pleasantly merry on dubiously coloured drinks and dance like nobody is watching to music I’d never normally be caught dead listening to. That would be great.


Now click on the button and see what everyone else’s Perfect Day would include…



7 thoughts on “Listography: Ingredients For A Perfect Day

  1. Love the dog angle! I adore dogs. Almost bought one the other day from the Hong Kong dog rescue! Just the most beautiful little creatures. And a show never disappoints – especially the Lion King xx


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