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Listography: Childhood Sweetness

This week KateTakes5’s Listography has gone retro – we have to pick our top 5 childhood sweets.

This is going to be like choosing what to have when your Mum told you to pick one thing out of an entire sweet shop…




I *loved* these so much, I sometimes get cravings for them still.

I suspect they are no longer available due to their neon day-glo colours. The E-number content must be immense but they were just soooooo tasty and sour….



The soft, less sour version of Nerds.

I still have a badge somewhere that says ‘I love Dweebs’ on it…


Sherbert Straws

These were utterly pointless and some colours were disgusting but when you got 2 for a penny they were simply a must.

My primary school banned them because of the amount of rubbish they created (not to mention how high we all got off the sheer sugar intake!)


Aniseed Balls

My Mum hates these. She always pulled a face when I picked them out in the shop.

Dad however, used to pinch them…


Sherbert Fountains

I used to just eat the liquorice and save the sherbert til I got home, put it in a bowl, and eat it with a teaspoon!

8 thoughts on “Listography: Childhood Sweetness

  1. You can still get Nerds! You can get them from Selfridge’s in the Bull Ring and various sweet shops in London. They’re not easy to get, but you can get them.


    Nerds rule.

      1. I never had those, I dunno XD My knowledge extends only to Nerds. But you probably can… ridiculously expensive though. 😦

  2. I loved nerds. There’s shops online where you can still get them!

    Loved the straws too. Only the pink ones though. Can you remember the uber long ones as well? With different colours in it? They were lush x

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