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April Challenge – The Selfish Edition

It’s the beginning of another month and time to set myself another personal challenge as inspired by TiddlyOmPomPom. I have been a bit rubbish for the last couple of months and sort of failed. This month is going to be different.

Why? Because it’s going to be all about me. Me, me, me!

That’s right, I’m being selfish this April and having an extra personal Personal Challenge.

My challenge is to Make Sure I Have Some Proper ‘Me’ Time Every Day because I have been so busy running round after the Smalls and trying to do everything like I used to I have pushed myself to my limits and almost fallen over the edge. I’m exhausted and, at times, pretty miserable because of it. I’m also taking it out on OH which makes me (and him) feel worse.

I need to slow down, even if it just means taking out ten minutes to do my hair properly and put a bit of makeup on to make myself feel good. I’m sure CBeebies can babysit the Smalls for that long without too much trouble. Hopefully if I manage to get into the habit of this I will feel more like  a human being at the end of April than I do now. Evil-Zombie-Mummy-Of-Doom is more appropriate today. And that sucks.


Do you have an aim for this month? It can be anything you like – just write a post about it and link up via the badge over on TiddlyOmPomPom’s blog and we’ll all see how we do at the end of the month. Good Luck!!

6 thoughts on “April Challenge – The Selfish Edition

  1. OMG this is a BRILLIANT challenge 🙂 If you don’t do it I will personally come over there and slap your legs (until you sit down and put them up, obviously).

    I remember when I had Little M I thought life would just carry on as normal. WRONG! You must remember that your body has been through an enormous trauma, you are hormonal as anything, AND you have to adjust to being a family of four. Take things easy, don’t expect too much of yourself, and good luck with your challenge x

  2. Whoo go girl!! My aim for April is to have sewing time. Have got so many projects I want to do but have been so busy running around helping other people the last few months!
    Good luck

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