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30 Day Book Challenge: Day One

Your Favourite Book


This is impossible. I have many. But one I return to again and again is I, Houdini by Lynne Reid-Banks.

Witty, charming, clever and unusual. This book captured my imagination and appealed to my obsession with anything four-footed and furry and remains a firm favourite in my book collection. Tatty, well-read, stained, crumpled and loved almost to death – my copy is certainly a good example of a ‘favourite’ book.

Summary (taken from GoodReads):

Houdini is no ordinary hamster. He is an escapologist with an exceptional talent for getting out of cages and urge to escape leads him to all kinds of adventures…New edition published into the First Modern Classics list, fantastic stories for young readers.He may look like a small, furry pet, but really he is a Wild Creature – a freedom-loving hamster with a life-long passion for escape and a yearning for the Great Outside, leaving chaos and destruction as he goes.He tells his hilarious adventures with great intelligence and no modesty – for the world beyond carpets and floorboards can be a terrifying place…


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