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Reasons To Be Cheerful 1, 2, 3…

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I missed out on this last week – been so busy that it totally slipped my mind! Back again now though and ready with 2 weeks worth of reasons 🙂


Arthur’s tests all came back clear.

He’s just yellow – he’ll grow out of it himself and there’s nothing to worry about.

*big happy sigh of relief*



I had a long, hot soak in a bath full of bubbles.

We don’t have a bath in our flat so my Mother’s Day present was a bath at my Mum’s house whilst my parents looked after Tori and Arthur. It was bliss. I didn’t have to worry about the Smalls or rush it. I could relax and enjoy it and afterwards felt a million times better. Definitely one towards my April Challenge target!



The wireless PS2 controller *isn’t* dead

We thought one of our controllers had given up the ghost but it has revived itself and works again. This means me and Sy can continue to have geeky evenings after the Smalls are asleep and play all our favourite PS2 games together. Because, you know, we only have one or two to work through…

spot the gaming household...


and a sneaky reason 4.

We’ve planned ourselves a little Summer Holiday

Nothing wildly exciting, just the four of us and a few days in Cardiff. I’m really excited already and it’s months away yet!!

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