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Listography: The Laminated List

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Kate has taken inspiration from ‘Friends’ this week and prompted us to create our own ‘Laminated List’s – our Top 5 celebrities we wouldn’t refuse should they a) randomly turn up on our doorstep and b) decide they quite like us.

This should be revealing. I wonder if I have a ‘type’…


Justin Bartha

Mostly as Riley Poole in National Treasure but also as himself . He’s just pretty.

And Riley has that ‘geeky-but-slightly-useless-and-haphazard sidekick’ appeal too which just makes him utterly irresistable.


Alastair MacKenzie

Remember Monarch Of The Glen? Remember Archie. Yeah. Him.

I miss that programme so much. Wolves? Check. Awesomely hot guy. Check. Adorably useless ‘sidekick’? Check. (Duncan – played by Hamish Clarke. Wouldn’t say no to him either while we’re on the subject….)


John Barrowman

Yes, I am aware that he is gay. But as people who know me will be aware, my gaydar is broken, or else highly accurate. It is amazing how many times I say ‘oh he’s hot’, look him up on Wiki and discover he’s gay. Or even think ‘oh he’s hot’ as he walks past in the street and then watch in disappointment as his boyfriend meets him and gives him a kiss (this actually happened to me. Twice. *fail*)

So yeah. Should he suddenly a) turn up on my doorstep, b) take a liking to me AND c) turn straight – I wouldn’t say no…


The guy who plays Damon Salvatore in Vampire Diaries

(Ian Somerhalder apparently – yay for Google)

Seriously – who in their right minds would choose Stefan over Damon? Is Elena blind???!


Gareth David-Lloyd

(as Ianto Jones in Torchwood)

Adorable-slightly-useless sidekick anyone? (I seem to remember saying that before…)

Cute, funny, generally quite pretty and often in a suit. He makes me mushy and I have been known to emit the odd pathetically girly giggle at his one-liners in Torchwood.

Oh, and he’s ‘not-gay-apart-from-with-Jack’ – and very attractive with it too. They are easily my favourite gay couple ever.

Yeah, they can turn up together…

Do I have a type? Yes. Three actually: 1) Dark hair, moody looking guys. 2) Geeky-slightly-useless sidekicks. 3) Pretty gay men.

4 thoughts on “Listography: The Laminated List

  1. hehe geeky but slightly useless… sounds just like my other half 😛

    And I also think John Barrowman is HOT.

    Don’t care if he’s gay. He’s yum. x

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