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30 Day Book Challenge: Day Eleven

A Book By Your Favourite Author

This is tough because I have more than one favourite author. I have a favourite author in each major genre that I readI think it’s impossible to have just one favourite.

Anyway, as I have to pick, I will choose Lynne Reid-Banks as my author and The L-Shaped Room as my book.

I know I have already picked one of her books (back on Day One), but that is partly why I chose her – she writes fantastic children’s fiction AND fantastic YA/Adult fiction.

The L-Shaped Room is a powerful read and one that stayed in my head long after I first read it. Although it is a little dated now – pregnancy out of wedlock being less of a social taboo these days (among other things), the emotions through it still run true and it is another book that makes me both laugh out loud and cry every time.

Summary (from GoodReads)

In this bestselling novel which became a famous film, Janet Graham, alone and pregnant, retreats to a bug-infested attic bedsit in Fulham where she finds unexpected companionship, happiness and love.

One thought on “30 Day Book Challenge: Day Eleven

  1. I don’t know this author, but the story sounds a bit like A Taste of Honey by Shelagh Delaney. Rita Tushingham starred in the film adaptation and I loved it, still do.

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