Listography – Bad Combinations

So this week KateTakes5 wants our top 5 Bad Combinations. I’m only too happy to oblige 🙂


Chocolate and Orange

I love chocolate. I love oranges. THEY SHOULD NEVER EVER MEET. Ever.

I can’t even drink orange juice & eat a chocolate bar together, it’s just a crime.


Tori and Earrings

You will utterly fail to get anything done once she spots you are wearing them as she will grab and sit there saying ‘star’ and/or ‘ball’ and/or ‘nice’ for the foreseeable future. And cry if you try and move.


Tori and Quiet Serious Moments

You know that bit in church where you are meant to sit still and pray? Tori *will* talk. Loudly. And you know at the end when the Minister says a blessing? Tori *will* be loudly cheering and applauding the last hymn over the top of him. Every week. Without fail.


Being Pregnant/Having A Baby and Dignity

Never the twain shall meet. Fact.


Tori, Banana and Curtains

Never a good combination. (Full story here)

Banana Tori!

3 thoughts on “Listography – Bad Combinations

  1. I’m with you Kate, I adore chocolate oranges and I have perfected the opening of the orange. I agree wholeheartedly with 4. I’m with Tori in the church, never was good at being quiet in serious situations, think it is a nervous thing.

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