Reasons To Be Cheerful

Reasons To Be Cheerful 1, 2, 3…

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Don’t the weeks just fly past? Artie was 11 weeks this last Tuesday which is pure madness, when did that happen?!


Sy and I had a wonderful evening with his Dad & partner

It was great to get out and have a kid free night (well, almost – Arthur tagged along but he was asleep for most of it so he barely counts) and be all ‘grown-up’ (i.e. act like big kids)It was a right giggle and we are all looking forward to doing it again some time soon!


I have reached a level playing field with the laundry basket.

For the first time since Arthur was born (and for quite a while before then if I’m honest), the washing basket is no longer buried at the bottom of a mountain. The dirty clothes pile is non-existent because it has got manageable enough to be conquered by one wash a day and the clean clothes pile (which was actually my greatest enemy) is also almost not there at all. I have sorted Tori’s clothes properly and cleared out the ones she has grown out of so that the rest actually fit in her drawers, I have managed to fit all my clothes into my wardrobe and drawers and really all I have to do now is tackle Arthur’s pile which has never really made it into drawers because he needs changing so regularly!

It feels great to not be faced with an insurmountable heap of washing, clean or dirty, every time I go into a bedroom or the kitchen. I know we are still behind on the washing up and the hoovering and you can pretty much write on the bookshelf dust but, finally, I have got the washing to a manageable point and can happily start thinking about these other things. Having another baby in the house has rather knocked the housework for six but this is a big step in the right direction and it has got me feeling good 🙂


Tori surprises me every day.

With a new word. Or a question. Or something she does. Or with how she acts round ‘R4’ (which is what it sounds like when she says Arthur. We now regularly refer to him as R4D2…poor child).

She is growing fast and gets more beautiful inside and out with each passing day.


I have fallen back in love with the guitar

Sy’s Dad coaxed me into getting my guitar back out and I am so very thankful he did. I now try and find at least five minutes a day to have a twiddle. Even if it’s just practising switching between chords or something, it’s great ‘me time’ and I love that I am slowly getting back to a point where I can actually play something and sing along with it properly. Sy’s Dad even bought us a beautiful new guitar so that Sy can learn to play as well and it can turn into a family thing that we can share.


My parents have bought me & Sy the best Birthday Present ever!

It’s not my birthday til June or Sy’s til October but Mum & Dad have got us tickets to go see Tori Amos in Manchester in November. And volunteered for babysitting duties. And booked us a travelodge room for the night.

Excited isn’t the word…how soon is November??!

7 thoughts on “Reasons To Be Cheerful 1, 2, 3…

  1. I know I am completely sad but I love sorting our clothes, getting things organised, doing the washing and the ironing! Well done you on getting up to date.

    You know November will be here in a flash. I can not believe Arthur is 11 weeks already, that has been a flash!

    Mich x

  2. Beautiful reasons and how lovely to have such a supportive family that encourage your interests and allow you to have special grown up times along with the parenting joys. You are very blessed there.
    My reasons are at
    Is it me or is there a laundry theme going on with #R2BC this week?

  3. Aw, lovely comments.
    I love a clothing clear out!
    And my tumble drier. Thanks to it I too can see the bottom of my laundry basket and no longer have a pile of washing awaiting ironing so tall you were in fear of an avalanche if you flopped too heavily on the couch (it sat on the back).
    And everyone needs to be able to flop on a couch at will!

    Your babes are gorgeous!
    Those pet names stick. My poor Jonathan is still a Jo’san to me. Bernadette is Be’dette.

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