Reasons To Be Cheerful

Reasons To Be Cheerful 1, 2, 3…

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Today has been a very long one. Arthur is off colour after his jabs and has done an awful lot of crying and clinging. I feel like I’ve run a marathon when actually I have done very little aside from comfort a grumpy baby and entertain a toddler…

Michelle suggested spreading the word about a blog we love as a reason to be cheerful and I knew immediately who to pick 🙂


The Best Is Yet To Come

Penned by my good friend Jess, this blog is about her life and her faith and how she copes with her M.E.

Her positivity in the face of pain inspires me and I feel truly blessed to be counted as her friend 🙂

Jess is holding a very tiny Tori there and I can't believe how long my hair is...!!


I have finished 2 books this week

I love reading but recently I seemed to have forgotten how to read more than a chapter a week. Suddenly I have got into the habit of reading a bit before I go to bed and some more when I wake up for Artie’s morning feed. It feels good. I feel better for it.

Now I’m reading Lord Of The Flies which has been on my TBR list since I left college in 2006…


Arthur just beamed at me.

After the day we’ve had it looked even more radiant than usual. I hope he feels better tomorrow…


This Picture:

Arthur was wailing so Tori went over to his toy box, got out the giraffe and his favourite sheep, brought them over and gave them to him saying ‘Awww Baby ‘R4′. Nice!’
He stopped crying and smiled at her beautifully, like she was his favourite thing in the whole world and she made everything better.

I wanted to melt.

11 thoughts on “Reasons To Be Cheerful 1, 2, 3…

  1. Awww you have just made my week Carole! (and I feel guilty because I completely missed reading that on Michelle’s blog!) I’m blessed to be you’re friend too and I love you lots =)

    p.s that is a very old photo! My hair is now a completely different colour!

  2. Addy can be a wonderful big sister to Dylan too – when she’s not colouring in his face with felt tips or painting his hair pink.
    Hope I get to meet ‘R4’ in the flesh soon xx

  3. What wonderful reasons! I’ve forgotten how to read too so now just listen to audiobooks

  4. One, please wake up and accept that comforting children is so vital so you are amazing just for that.
    Keeping reading when you have young children is really challenging so well done for that too.
    When siblings are lovely, they melt the heart totally
    My reasons are over on my very new blog at

  5. It is so difficult to listen to an unhappy child crying.
    I read Lord of the Flies years ago – it is very thought provoking and , yes, seeing your baby smile is like falling in love all over again!

  6. Loving Jess’s blog, thanks for recommending. Also discovered her boyfriends tonight too – right up my street.

    Enjoy the reading. That was one of my joys, reading a book as JJ feed in the night. Mich x

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