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May Challenge – How Did It Go?

I just noticed that it’s June and I haven’t done my round-up post about my May personal challenge – oops!

Well, it was a partial success. Sy and I did manage to go out for two Alphabet Dates (‘A‘ and ‘B‘) and spend some quality time together but I failed pretty miserably at the eating round the table properly thing (still working on it though) and utterly failed at keeping up with my 80k in 80 days challenge. I should have a word count of about 34,000 by now. My total is nearer 7,000. Which is rubbish. But I have at least started it and written a chapter plan and a plot outline and some character profiles – it is now a WIP that I can plod through when I find time rather than just a vague idea at the back of my mind.

I am also pleased to say that we have planned Alphabet Date ‘C’ too, so that will be happening soon. It is good fun coming up with ideas around letter themes and even though some of our dates involve the kids it is great to have some time spent together doing things that aren’t just every day.

Did you have a personal aim or challenge for May? – Blog about how you did and then link up over on TiddlyOmPomPom’s blog by clicking the button at the top.


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