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Reasons To Be Cheerful 1, 2, 3…

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My Mum loved her birthday present.

You may remember it was my Mum’s 60th birthday earlier this year, well last Saturday she finally had her present from me & my older siblings – A professional Family Photo Shoot.

It was all good fun dressing up nicely and posing for our pictures, even if Arthur did insist on wailing the entire time and Tori was about as co-operative as you would expect an over-tired, over-excited, hungry, almost-two-year-old to be. (Not very.)

The pictures were beautiful and it was hard to choose just one for Mum’s framed picture.

And as an extra surprise my lovely Brother-In-Law bought her a copy of the DVD with ALL of the photo shoot pictures on it so she didn’t have to leave all the others behind after all.

I’m glad she had a lovely day and I hope it was a 60th birthday present to remember xx


The Meal-Planning is a hit!

We have just about stuck to my plan (with the odd tweak and day-swap when we weren’t in the mood for what I’d decided beforehand) and it has definitely saved us money. AND as an added bonus it has meant that we have all sat down together to eat much more than normal which has been brilliant. Today we even sat down as a family of four for the first time because Arthur’s new high-chair arrived so he could join us too, even though he wasn’t eating!


I got new wellies

I have desperately wanted new wellies ever since my Mum got a pair of really cool ones with chocolates on (not real ones, just pictures) and then I saw Liberty’s awesome ones with marshmallows on and my plain boring old blue ones just didn’t cut the mustard any more. This week I saw some ones I liked on the Tesco website and instead of pining over them I bit the bullet and treated myself. They were in a sale too, which was even better!

Now I can join my Mum in my pale pink wellies with cool black Victorian lace style patterns on and not feel out-done in the welly department like I used to!

8 thoughts on “Reasons To Be Cheerful 1, 2, 3…

  1. I like the photo, picture of a happy and busy family. Great memory that photo shoot for your Mum and so much nicer to have the dvd with them all on too.
    Would love to hear far more about the meal-planning.
    I want some funky wellies too

  2. i wanted to see the wellies too! Glad the meal planning is going so well, need to get my butt in gear and do the same!

    What a lovely present for your mum x

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