Reasons To Be Cheerful

Reasons To Be Cheerful 1, 2, 3…

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JC Camp was good fun

Nothing quite beats a bit of fresh air and some good friends around you. Our ‘When The Lions Roar!’ Camp was just that and Tori has only just stopped asking to put her welly-boots on and go outside to see Kim Woofwoof every morning so I get the impression she enjoyed herself.


Spending time with friends

My best friend and her fiance (insert correct accent and number of ‘e’s here – I can never remember how to do it properly. Didn’t do French at school…) popped round the other day and we all took the Smalls to the playpark and had fun on the swings and stuff. Yes, all of us. You don’t think Tori’s the only one that gets to go on the slides and stuff do you? For a start it’s pretty hard for a not-quite-two-year-old to work a see-saw by herself…


I’ve had a doggy-cuddle fix.

I’m a dog person but since leaving Uni and no longer being able to get to the rescue centre to volunteer every week/day I don’t get many opportunities to spend time with my favourite four-footed friends. This weekend fixed that and I thoroughly enjoyed my Staffy-cuddles with Kim and spending a bit of time with Kes & Wolfy too.

Me & Kim

And editing in a quick reason number…


I won some flowers!

On last week’s R2BC Michelle ran a giveaway with InterFlora and my name got pulled out of the hat tonight. Hooray!!

It’s my birthday on Monday so I am going to count this as an early present 🙂

Thank you Michelle!! xxx

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