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Growing Old Gracefully

I always said I was going to grow old gracefully – you know, adapt my wardrobe appropriately and not dye my hair. I still stand by that with one minor adjustment – having found 4 grey hairs in 2 weeks I am postponing ‘graceful’ for a while until I start counting vaguely as ‘old’.

Tomorrow I am going to have my hair dyed – I’m only 2 years out of Uni and 23. I don’t need to be graceful yet, I am perfectly at liberty to be outrageous and unique and just plain silly. I can wear short skirts (I rarely do, but I could if I so wished) and can dye my hair whatever colour I like. So I am.

But don’t panic, I’m not going to do anything too mad – it’s not going to be green or anything like that. I’m going for a darker shade of what I am now with some shiny coppery highlights etc. I am also considering having a fringe cut in but that is likely to depend on how I feel when I’m there.

I’m excited beyond reason about all this – I haven’t had my hair dyed properly since the last week of Uni when Liberty and I went to a super-posh hairdressers as an end of term treat so we’d look pretty for the Summer Ball (we felt we were allowed as we’d both only spent about £20 on our dresses when everyone else was spending £100s!). It will be a nice treat and I need something to cheer me up whilst my Happy Pills are kicking in – gotta love the fact that they make you more grumpy before they make you better (I also love how the top two common side effects are ‘drowsiness’ and ‘inability to sleep’ – I pity the poor sod who gets both of those at once!!)

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