The Little Carole Heidi That Could

I was letting my dark clouds win. They were just getting thicker and I was getting worse.

I was firm in the belief that I couldn’t do…well…pretty much anything. But yesterday my Mum came round and helped me blitz the kitchen and today I am on a mission to at least get the front room half blitzed. Because I can.

I decided this morning that today is going to be a good day. I did a puzzle from a book whilst I ate my toast at breakfast and then I have begun to plod my way through the mammoth task that is our front room. This morning it looked like this:

And I’m busy getting through that bit in the middle where everything looks ten times worse…

But with my favourite music playing in the background and making sure I don’t put any pressure on myself I’m getting there and not getting wound up about it. If I have to finish tomorrow then fine, I will finish tomorrow. Usually I try and timetable myself and end up in a flap when I don’t get it all done but not this time. Today is a good day and that means no bad moods, no stressing and no rushing. It means I can go at my own pace and do things in the order they present themselves.

I will post an ‘after’ picture when I finish. Whenever that may be.

Today I feel good because I am making my own sunshine.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….

One thought on “The Little Carole Heidi That Could

  1. Good for you, the middle bit always looks the worst but when it done I bet you will feel so much better! And just tale your time like you say I you have to finish it tomorrow finish it then! Good to hear your not letting the pnd win x

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