Listography – Last Week

I haven’t joined in with this for a while but here I am again with a 5 point post on ‘What We Did Last Week’:

1. Trip to Ironbridge to collect a Very Special Bear

On Monday my parents took me & the kids to Ironbridge so that Mum could collect her limited edition handmade 2012 Olympics teddy bear. We collected Teddy then had a lovely walk through the town and some brunch sat outside at a lovely Tea Emporium. Tori was very good and walked (or ran) the entire time and ate all of her cheese on toast. Her main hiccup of the day was poking a French tourist in the bum with a stick. (Twice!)

2. I had a cleaning binge

I finally knuckled down and thoroughly sorted our front room. I even dusted and cleaned the windows. It has actually managed to stay tidy ever since too – I’m not sure how…

3. I had a night out.

My friend Jess turned 18 so we went out for a night on the town. We got very drunk slightly tipsy and had a great night out. It was my first proper night out since getting pregnant with Arthur and I won’t lie – the freedom was great! The all-day hangover the next day was not so great though…

4. We had a front-room picnic

Rain stopped play at the park so I randomly decided to make a picnic for when Sy finished work. We sat on the floor in the front room with the picnic blanket all set out and had some good family time and lots of food!

5. We had an unexpected visitor

Sy’s Aunty who lives in New Zealand is over in the UK and she came over to see us with his Dad at the weekend. It was lovely to meet another member of the extended family and Tori loved having someone else to jabber at incoherently πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Listography – Last Week

  1. sounds like a great week, the teddy bear sounds very special indeed, and its always lovely to meet up with extended family hope you have a nice bank holiday weekend πŸ™‚

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