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Personal Challenge – October

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I missed last month…oops…

So, Hello October and your very confused weather! My Personal Challenge for this month? Try to get back on top of my blog, finish at least 2 books and cook at least one new recipe.

I neglected Carole Finds Her Wings over September aside from my 365 Project posts and I missed it. I just wasn’t really myself last month and  lots of things suffered for it – I didn’t cook as much, read as much or blog as much amongst other things. So this month I want to try and fix those things with my 3-part challenge.

1. Blog more.

I want to aim for at least one, if not two, blog posts a week aside from my 365 posts. By that I mean posts with words, like this one. Any two – be it a meme or an original post.

2. Read at least two books.

I have just started Pale Demon by Kim Harrison so I am aiming to finish that and then read another one after it. I am thinking it is either going to be Forever  by Maggie Steifvater or The Omen Machine by Terry Goodkind. but it could end up being neither of those because I have so many books in my TBR pile that I might pick another one at random in the end!

3. Cook at least one new recipe.

I have petered out on my meal planning too and have been cooking all the old standards that I used to with little variation so this month I want to cook something shiny, brand new and different at least once.


Fingers crossed October is a better month than September was and I start to get back on track with everything. I’m fed up of feeling fed up.

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