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Reasons To Be Cheerful 1, 2, 3…

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I had a brilliant day out with my Mum.

We went out for lunch at Nandos and then on to see The Lion King in 3D at our local cinema followed by a quick G&T in the pub whilst waiting for my Dad to pick us up!

It was good to have some time just us without the Smalls, the food was lovely and I got to see my all-time favourite film in all its cinematic glory – something I never thought would happen seeing as it originally came out when I was only six.


I found some trousers that fit.

It took me ages because suddenly either I have shrunk or the standard length of jeans has got longer and almost every pair I tried on was massively too long. I’m sure I never used to have that problem!


I had the urge to write something.

One thing my PND has done is take away my ability to write. Or rather my want to. Usually I have ideas and/or characters zipping through my head and I have at least one if not more WIPs on the go and notes building up about characters or locations etc. but just recently I have found myself losing all energy to write. For a few months now I have barely had the concentration or drive to write three complete sentences never mind chapters and although it was bugging me there didn’t seem to be anything I could do about it – I would try but just end up staring at the screen/paper and getting upset or frustrated at myself.

Then, the other day I was having a shower and poof! Two characters wandered into my head and I knew I had to get them down on paper. Hey presto! I am writing again – it’s only a short story idea, no grand novel plans, but it’s a start and it makes me feel like everything is on an up again.

Just because I wanted to pick up a pen to get an angel called Chastity out of my head and onto a page…

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