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‘That’s Not Flying – It’s Falling With Style…’

I’ve been feeling pretty good recently. Balanced. Stable. Vaguely human (I say ‘vaguely’ because there have been a few days where I have been a zombie due to Arthur deciding 3a.m. was a good time to get up and play…).

So I skipped a tablet or two thinking ‘Hey! I’m feeling better, maybe I don’t need them so much now.’

Ha. Fail.

I was only feeling better because I was taking the tablets. Bit obvious now I say it (isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing?) but at the time that didn’t even occur to me.

Missing only a couple of tablets was enough for me to turn into a psycho at the drop of a hat – Shouting at random, throwing a total paddy, stomping, slamming doors, crying, standing in the middle of a room utterly at a loss as to why I was even upset, sulking, wallowing in self pity and generally being a total girl-woofwoof for no apparent reason.

It is safe to say that I won’t be skipping any more in the future until it is suggested I do so by my Doctor. I have learned my lesson. And I don’t think Sy would particularly appreciate it if I continued to randomly fly off the handle over precisely nothing at all just because I didn’t take my ‘Mad Tablet’ as I affectionately call them.

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