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25 Things I Like About Me

This isn’t on my Day Zero list but Love In The Nest inspired me to do it anyway. I’m not at the brightest point in my life at the moment, struggling a bit with my PND so sitting down and coming up with 25 things I *do* like about myself can surely only help me to feel a bit more positive about life. It may, however, take me a while!

1. My eyes are cool. They seem to change colour depending on my mood/the light between green, blue and brown. I generally describe them as grey but really they’re a mash of everything.

2. I can spell/write reasonably well. I am a grammar and spelling nazi, I know this irritates lots of people but it is actually something I enjoy. Maybe I should take up proof reading as a career.

3. I’m a good Mummy. I make mistakes, but who doesn’t? None of them are too major and hopefully it will just help make the Smalls nice well-rounded people when they are older.

4. I can laugh at myself.

5. I take pretty good photos when I try.

6. I have an over-active imagination.

7. I am a daydreamer.

8. I’m creative (though not in an artistic/drawing way)

9. I’ve never let go of my inner-child. I still see the wonder in most everything & am a sucker for Disney Classics.

10. I am patient. I wasn’t – but then I had babies and somewhere discovered that I do have some hidden away inside. Most of the time anyway.

11. I can cook. And it tastes good 9 out of 10 times too. This is something else I have discovered since having kids. I enjoy it too which surprises me.

12. I’m not bad at making cakes. Apart from when my useless oven bakes them wonky.

13.  I have faith and enough confidence not to hide it away. It’s hard being an open Christian through secondary school but as I came through college and university and life ever since I have found myself becoming more and more confident in what I believe and less and less inclined to just ‘not mention’ that I go to church every week and believe in God and Jesus.

14. I have a nice figure. Despite having had two babies in a fairly short space of time I am still (after a bit of a healthy eating push) a size 10 and when I’m not having an ‘I hate everything’ day I can look in a mirror and like what I see.

15. I always see the good in people. Sometimes this comes back to bite me in the bum when I take a person’s ‘nice’ personality as their true one and it turns out they’re a prat but mostly it’s a good thing. I like to think that most people have good in them and I try my best to spot it – if nothing else it gives me a little more faith in humanity in an age where morals and good-heartedness seem to be fading.

16. I’m not afraid to give something new a go. I might sometimes need a push or an encouraging smile to set me off but more often than not I’ll give most things a go.

17. I’m a geek. I like reading, console & PC gaming, sci-fi and fantasy (books and films), I birdwatch, I love to watch documentaries about cooking and wildlife and things like trains.

18. I’m a softy. I will cry at almost anything – books, tv, films, radio, the news….

19. I still get excited about things like going to the zoo regardless of if the kids are with me or not.

20. I can cross-stitch. I get a bit cross (haha) but I can produce some nice things and they make good gifts for people.

21. I like to make other people happy. I’m the sort of person who will buy someone else a present just because I know it will make them smile. I like giving.

22. I am forgiving.

23. I can be brave when things get tough.

24. I’m stubborn and will stick with something even if it drives me mad. (For example I read Mr. Gum and the Biscuit Billionaire right to the end despite it making me want to throw things – mostly it – out of the nearest window. And I went to every PAD lesson but one at uni, despite it being a total waste of time – if you don’t believe me, ask Liberty, she went too.)

25. I’m good at remembering people’s names.

6 thoughts on “25 Things I Like About Me

  1. I’m so glad you wrote this. I really enjoyed reading it and I respect your honesty – that should also be on your list as your attribute! I hope you feel better having written it – I’ve never met you IRL but I think we’d be friends – I do like a Disney movie and I bloody hate bad grammar 😉


  2. I just wanna give a big thumbs up for what you did….it really helps my mind to open to new things and many ideas in writing stuff and cherishing everything i have in life…:)#Thank you for the tip


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