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Late To The Party – January Challenge

So, I failed my November challenge (but I am going to finish it and post it, I promise) and didn’t even do a December challenge because my world went a bit wonky over those months and I fell off the blogging and writing radar a bit. But I am back now *waves* and despite it being well into week 2 of January I am going to set myself a challenge for the month anyway.

I am wincing as I type due to having a good session on the guitar before I went to bed last night (steel strings are evil I tell thee!) and my challenge will no doubt make them worse before they get better. For January I challenge myself to perfect my playing of the chord F (my nemesis chord for as long as I can remember) and to learn Bb so I don’t have to stop and check it every time I hit that chord change.

If I succeed in these then I will be able to play ‘Someone That You’re With‘ by Nickleback and ‘Fall To Pieces‘ by Avril Lavigne and this will make me a happy bean. (Note: I may not be able to sing them in tune and my playing may well leave much to be desired, but it will be good enough for me.)

Have you got a challenge for January? Click the button and come join in with TiddlyOmPomPom’s linky 🙂

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