Day Zero Project

Day Zero – How’s it going?

I jumped on the bandwagon and set myself a Day Zero Challenge of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I have 812 days left and have so far completed 27% of my challenges and half-done a few more.

Curious? Here are my 101 tasks:

1. See a movie in 3D with Sy

2. Learn to play F properly on the guitar

3. Take Arthur swimming.

4. Take Tori and Arthur to an aquarium.

5. Visit Bath Cats & Dogs Home

6. Cook homemade chicken Kievs

7. Go to a concert

8. Visit the theatre

9. Learn an Avril Lavigne song on the guitar

10. Finish Tori’s ‘First Year’ photo album

11. Make a ‘First Year’ album for Arthur

12. Put photos in Tori’s ‘My First Year’ Frame

13. Take Tori and Arthur up Blackpool Tower

14. Buy a new set of saucepans, frying pans & wok

15. Buy a matching crockery set and replace the old chipped ones

16. Teach Tori to count to ten

17. Grow some lettuce or similar in pots in the yard with Tori & Arthur

18. Take my Mum & Dad out for a nice meal & refuse to let them pay!

19. Dye my hair a new colour

20. Complete a 365 photo challenge

21. Get a new non-touchscreen phone!

22. Go to the zoo

23. Sing karaoke in a bar/at a party

24. Learn a poem off by heart

25. Go horseriding

26. Go iceskating

27. Go to London with Tori & Arthur

28. Buy a winning lottery ticket

29. Read The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

30. Wish on a shooting star

31. Have a family picnic

32. Carve a pumpkin at Halloween

33. Make a Simnel cake at Easter

34. Make a proper cooked breakfast

35. Cook my way through a cookbook (My Daddy Cooks – 12/100)

36. Write a proper letter to someone

37.  Get my eyes tested

38. Have Arthur Christened

39. Finish Tori’s CareBear cross-stitch and get it framed

40. Write a short story

41. Start a savings account and put in £5 for every DayZero challenge completed.

42. Have a day out with Liberty involving shopping, a meal out and ending in a bar/pub.

43. Complete a puzzle book cover-to-cover

44. Visit a museum

45. Spend a day at the beach

46. Go without chocolate for a week.

47. Make homemade pizza

48. Go for a meal at Nando’s

49. Make a snowangel

50. Move house

51. Go for a meal at a Thai restaurant

52. Clear out my entire underwear drawer and buy some nice new replacements.

53. Write a CV

54. Buy a plant and keep it alive

55. Visit the Disney Store and replace my broken bowl and glass

56. Go to Bath Thermae Spa

57. Make fresh pasta from scratch

58. Have a themed night out for my birthday.

59. Complete a computer or console game all the way through

60. Buy a second spice rack and fill it.

61. Teach Tori and Arthur to play ‘Away In A Manger’ on the piano/keyboard

62. Make a cheesecake from scratch

63. Keep up with my Book of Happiness.

64. Sort out my room at Mum & Dad’s

65. Buy an oragami book and try to make every model at least once

66. Make chocolate rice krispie cakes with the kids.

67. Read an auto-biography

68. Build a house of cards and take a photograph before it falls down.

69. Inspire someone else to start a Day Zero project too.

70. Buy my mother flowers.

71. Send someone a present through the post just because I saw it and thought of them.

72. Read & return Liberty’s books.

73. French Plait my own hair successfully at least once (and take a photo for proof)

74. Ride on a rollercoaster

75. Have dinner by candlelight

76. Light a firework (sparklers don’t count)

77. Go for a walk in the rain and jump in the puddles.

78. Get a manicure

79. Jump on a train and go somewhere random and new for the day.

80. Buy that essential ‘Little Black Dress’ and wear it out somewhere.

81. Buy some bright red heels and wear them with pride.

82. Weigh less than 10 stone

83. Make at least 5 different cocktails out of my cocktail recipe book.

84. Raise money for a charity by doing something (sponsored or a sale)

85. Send my Grandparents a gift just to say I’m thinking of them.

86. Find out how to make Danish Butter Cookies and then try to do it.

87. Learn how to pipe icing.

88. Buy a case and strap for my guitar

89. Ask 5 different people to suggest a book to read and then read all 5.

90. Build a sandcastle

91. Give money to a street musician

92. Complete a colouring book with no help from the kids

93. Pay off my student overdraft

94. Buy Arthur his first pair of proper shoes.

95. Wear shorts and actually leave the house.

96. Eat at Burger King.

97. Buy Tori & Arthur matching outfits.

98. Go shopping in the Birmingham Bullring and the Manchester Trafford Centre

99.  Get into some sort of keep-fit routine and stick with it.

100. Meet up with someone from Uni (other than Liberty)

101. Buy some cheese from the local market.

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