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February Challenge – The ‘Sort Your Head Out’ Edition

This month I am setting myself a very simple one-off challenge: Get my hair cut.

It’s time for a change methinks. Partly because it is ages since I had my hair done properly and partly because it is a whole new year and, more than that, a new chapter in my life and I feel like a change will be as good as a rest. I’m in a much happier place these days and I want the world to see it in every single way. So if that means totally rocking a brand new hairstyle then so be it – I will go mental and then walk out of the place with confidence and a silly grin.

Course this just means settling on what I want to do…

Right now I look like this:

I really like this:

(But I fear it is a little on the short side.)

Or maybe something like this:

(I’d totally match Arthur then…)

So, votes and/or ideas please folks!

4 thoughts on “February Challenge – The ‘Sort Your Head Out’ Edition

  1. I’ve recently gone from shoulder length hair, to shortish hair (after attempting to cut my hair myself) and now have a pixie cut. Something I never ever thought i’d have. On account that I haven’t got a dainty face with great bone structure – I have a round, chubby one! But I actually love it. Take the plunge! The short style you’ve shown looks great.x

  2. Good for you for taking the plunge! I’d love to see you with a chin length bob cut slightly higher at the back but whatever you decide go for it!

  3. ooh, how exciting! I think you could pull of quite short. Am looking forward to seeing what you decide on.

    (I am also VERY pleased to hear/read you are in a happier place. Go you!) x

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