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May Challenge – Wakey Wakey!

I didn’t set myself a challenge for April but I did achieve quite a lot. I kept up with my reading list, I crossed the finish line of the London Marathon and I almost walked head on into Will Young (no really, I actually did).

This month though I am back with a proper challenge. And trust me when I say this is a PROPER challenge. I am already cursing myself for it – this one is going to take will power.

I am not a morning person. By this I mean in an ideal world I would remain in bed until the morning had gone away however I have two small creatures who disagree with this thinking. The world in general also seems to have issues with it if I’m honest and so my challenge for the month? Be out of bed and downstairs by 9am at the latest. There are of course limits to this – if, for some reason, I have a very good reason *not* to be out of bed by 9am (such as not getting into my bed until very shortly before that time) then I am allowed a lie-in. But only if it is a genuine excuse.

This counts on days where the kids are at their Dad’s house and can’t bully me out of bed. I still have to be up.

I am dreading this challenge so much because, basically, I am lazy. BUT hopefully, come the end of the month, I will have developed a new habit and might actually have got into a sleep pattern that isn’t silly. Quite possibly I will make it to the end of the month grumpy and even less of a morning person than I was before but we shall see….

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