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Monday Mix-Tape

I have mentioned before my girl-crush/obsession with Avril Lavigne and I think it is high time I did a Monday Mix-Tape of my favourite tracks so that you know what to go dig out and listen to.

Choosing ten tracks is going to be tough going though. So, in no particular order…

1) Wish You Were Here – Goodbye Lullaby

I don’t know what it is about this song but it is heartbreaking if you are missing someone.

2) Innocence – The Best Damn Thing

The piano. Just listen to the piano.

3) Everybody Hurts – Goodbye Lullaby

A good one for when your world is crumbling at the edges (and no it’s not an R.E.M. cover)

4)Anything But Ordinary -Let Go

‘I’d rather be anything but ordinary please.’ – This song appealed greatly to my teenage self who just didn’t want to be lost in the crowd with everybody else.

5) Fall To Pieces – Under My Skin

I learned to play this one on my guitar for one of my personal challenges and I came to love it the more I played and sang it.

6) Darlin’ – Goodbye Lullaby

Depression is hideous. This song helps.

7) Contagious – The Best Damn Thing

For Caius x

8)When You’re Gone -The Best Damn Thing

This song still makes me cry. The words speak volumes.

9)What The Hell -Goodbye Lullaby

This song makes me smile because of the carefree rebellion in it.

10) I Love You – Goodbye Lullaby

‘I’m not sure you know that the reason I love you is you, being you, just you.’

Of course I love Sk8r Boi and Complicated too – they are after all the ones everyone know her for and what brought her into my headphones in the first place – but I wanted to pick out some tracks that meant a lot to me. I love her music, envy her style and think she is actually quite an amazing person in general. I can’t come up with many inspirational celebrities/idols in my life but Avril Lavigne is most definitely one.

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