Monday Mix-Tape

Songs make you think of all sorts of things and this week I am bringing you 10 tracks that make me think of particular friends or family members.

1) Unholy Confessions by Avenged Sevenfold (from Waking The Fallen)

This track reminds me of my friend Paul as I first heard it when out at Disord with him in Bath when we were at Uni. It all seems a million years away now but every time I hear it I am back in the dark and the loud with a drink in my hand and a grin on my face having the time of my life. One day we will have to go back to Bath *just* to go to Discord I think, for old times’ sake.

2) Leader Of The Pack by The Shangri-Las

This reminds me of my Dad and car trips where he turned it up extra loud for the motorbike bits whilst Mum scowled in the passenger seat. I know it word for word and it never fails to bring a smile to my face.

3) Ruff In The Jungle Bizness by Prodigy (from Experience)

I HATE this song with a passion but it always reminds me of Carlos and laughing our heads off playfighting over it because he used to put it on repeat just to wind me up and see how long it took me to launch myself across the room/car to try and turn it off. Despite not usually managing to make it past the first 30 seconds before turning it off, it does make me laugh at the memories.

4) Fascination by Alphabeat (from This is Alphabeat)

This reminds me of two people actually. First and foremost it is Tori’s song because it was playing on the radio at the moment she was born (I was playing close attention to the radio to try and distract myself from the pain…) but it also reminds me of Ivy turning round to me and Liberty in the tent at V-fest and asking ‘Why are they singing ‘Save the Whales?’ Oh how we laughed at her expense over that one…

5) You’re My Best Friend by Don Williams (from You’re My Best Friend)

This one is for James. Anything by Don Williams makes me think of Jamesy (he’s a tiny bit obsessed) but this track in particular makes me think of him after our impromptu performance of it in his room on his birthday this year. Nothing like randomly singing at people whilst your best friend plays the piano just because. It was fun, slightly terrifying (I don’t do singing in front of people sober…) and made for an awesome memory. Plus, you know, he’s my one of my best friends – it’s an appropriate title.

6) Toxic by Britney Spears (from In The Zone)

Liberty, air violin, night club. Enough said.

7) I Just Can’t Wait To Be King from The Lion King

If I had a pound for every time me & Meggy sang this in GCSE maths I could probably pay for the two of us to go ot for a fairly decent dinner together. We love that film 😀

8) Any Dream Will Do from Joseph & His Technicolour Dream Coat

Mum & I must have sung this a hundred times walking up and down to school and such like, taking it in turns to either sing melody or backing. I remember once completing the song sat on Wem station platform and a lady next to us on the bench saying she didn’t know whether to applaud or ask for an encore. I’d kind of forgotten other people would be listening.

9) Wish You Were Here by Avril Lavigne (from Goodbye Lullaby)

Caius is quite frequently not where I am due to living a long way away. The song title explains all you need to know. (You may now all vomit at the soppiness. Here, have a bucket….)

10) Buck Rogers by Feeder (from Echo Park)

This actually reminds me of a group of people. Our college ‘group’ – we listened to Feeder a lot. I blame Rich mostly but no-one ever complained. Anyway, this track makes me think of dossing around in the Ruscoe Centre in free lessons playing cards, drunkenly dancing around and singing at college parties and pratting around at house parties. Feeder was always in the background. They always make me smile.


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