365 Project

Project 365 Week #12 – “Smiles”


Today was a scorcher! And also our final session of Games Maker training before our shifts. That’s it now – next stop will be the actual events! Once our session on the Mall was finished (including a welcome glimpse of the Beach Volleyball Teams training in the sun) our little crew went for a stroll through St James’s Park and out for a lovely lunch. Then Chrystal and I went for a mooch in the shops for a bit and each returned with shiny new Radley handbags before braving the underground and trains home.


Today was another hot one – enough to drive me into a dress for the day! It was an easy day today – I took full advantage of being away from the Smalls and stuck my nose firmly in my books and did very little but enjoy the weather. Caius arrived in the evening and it was nice for the four of us to have dinner outside as it got slowly dark. Finally feels like Summer.


Day three of Summer – me and Caius headed off into London together – first off we went and did a scout to see where it is I will be working during my Games Maker shifts so I’m familiar with the area then we just decided to wander. Our wanderings took us to Harrods and we splashed out in the Ice Cream Parlour –  Nutella ice cream is actually the most heavenly thing on earth, I have decided. A bit more wandering and a stroll through a practically tropical Hyde Park which is being transformed ready for the events in the coming weeks nicely rounded off our day before we headed back to base. Then we went for dinner with Chrystal and Nad before going with Nad to watch a race meet at his running club. Exciting to see some of the country’s best junior athletes in action!


This afternoon we went and watched Chrystal compete in a show jumping competition at her stables. She and Winston came 3rd and I had lots of doggy cuddles whilst I watched with the lovely Poppy (in the picture) and bouncy little Bubbles.


After a very tasty lunch out, Caius headed off home and I made my way to stay with some friends who live nearer to central London ready for me to make my way to my first Games Maker shift tomorrow. It’s a very early start so I needed to start out as close as possible. I had even more doggy cuddles whilst watching the Opening Ceremony, this time with Rupert (pictured) and his big brother Smartie before falling into bed to grab a couple of hours kip.


This is me, four o’clock in the morning – all dressed up and ready to go! Men’s Road Cycling event – EXCITED!


Second shift complete. Have had the most amazing time working on the two cycling Road Races – the team I was working with were brilliant and that atmosphere on the streets was nothing like anything I’ve ever been involved in before. I certainly feel proud to be even a tiny part of the Olympics and walking through London afterwards and doing a bit of sightseeing on my way to the train home (I had to go see with Buckingham Palace is like when there is NO traffic around at all – it doesn’t happen often when I’m in London) it was awe inspiring taking in the feeling of the city. There is something in the air in London right now and it makes your heart race and you can’t help but smile. Having a silver medal in the Women’s race today certainly helped of course!

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