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NaNoWriMo – Update

Day 1: Found it hard to get going today then suddenly got into the swing of it and rattled out more than I expected. Day Word-count: 2,150. Total Word-count: 2,150

Day 2: Enjoyed one of the scenes I wrote today – nothing like a bit of drama to help the word-count along! Day Word-count: 2,244. Total Word-count: 4,394

Day 3: Not a great day today. Busy and very tired, hope tomorrow is better. Day Word-count: 469. Total Word-count: 4,863

Day 4: Better day than yesterday. Finished a fairly big section and moved on to another perspective for a while. Nice to keep it fresh. Day Word-count: 2,367. Total Word-count: 7,230

Day 5: Spent today with the kids, then crying about stuff, then out on a date with Caius. Drunkenly bashed out a few words when I got home. Need to knuckle down tomorrow. Day Word-count: 385. Total Word-count: 7615

Day 6: Didn’t quite hit the 10,000 word mark by midnight tonight as I had hoped, but came close. Want to get back on the par line tomorrow. Day Word-count: 2,037. Total Word-count: 9,652

Day 7: Almost made it back to the par line but not quite. Feeling quite good about what I have produced over the last couple of days though – the story is starting to fill itself out in ways I wasn’t expecting! Day Word-count: 1,604. Total Word-count: 11,256

Day 8: Day Word-Count: 959. Total Word-count: 12,215

Day 9: Day Word-Count: 2,148. Total Word-count: 14,363

Day 10: Still trying to make up words from my lazy days. Almost there now though! Day Word-count: 1,681. Total Word-count: 16,044  (Par line for today is 16,666 so quite close in the end)

Day 11: BACK ON PAR! It’s amazing what a G&T and some half-hour sprints with friends can do 🙂 Day Word-count: 2,373. Total Word-count: 18,417.

Day 12: Stared blankly at the screen for almost two hours tonight and wrote not a lot. Have two child-free days ahead of me though so I shall be battling ahead then. Day Word-count: 507. Total Word-count 18, 924.

Day 13: It was Unofficial Writer’s Club tonight, so me and Liberty sat ourselves down with our laptops… and talked and talked and talked and giggled and by the end of the two hours had set the world to rights but not actually written anything. We suck. Day Word-count: 89. Total Word-count: 19013.

Day 14: I had today entirely to myself – no Smalls and no Caius – so I sat myself down and did some proper writing. All those words I was behind? DONE! I feel goooood. Day Word-count: 4,698. Total Word-count: 23,711.

Day 15: Half way point! Got my 1667 done plus a bit so I’m still on form. Feeling like I might actually finish on time now… touch wood. Day Word-count: 1,785. Total Word-count: 25,496.

Day 16: Busy day today with Tori being sent home early from school and James arriving for a visit so writing took a bit of a back seat. Day Word-count: 1,248. Total Word-count: 26,744.

Day 17: Had a write-in with Liberty and James in the pub today. Good fun but not brilliantly productive. However, fixed a bit of a plot hole I had which was good. Day Word-count: 1,618. Total Word-count: 28,362

Day 18: James went home today and I didn’t sit down to write until Caius had gone out for a drink with Liberty’s Boyfriend. With them out of the way Liberty and I did a few on-line writing sprints together and hit our daily targets. I have broken 30,000 words today and am feeling a tiny bit proud of myself. Day Word-count: 1,893. Total Word-count: 30,255.

Day 19: Stopped writing at the point my word-count hit a funky number. A bit below par but, dude! It’s palindromic!! Day Word-count: 1,088. Total Word-count: 31,313!

Day 20: Wrote over 750 words of novel planning today, followed by a blog post that was over 1,000 words long meaning that by the time I actually sat down to do some NaNoWriMo words I had already hit the word count and was shattered. It wasn’t great. I feel good because I have written LOADS – it’s just a shame half of it didn’t count towards my word-count! Day Word-count:1,490. Total Word-count: 32,803.

Day 21: Didn’t sit down to write until late today. Silly idea as I was behind a bit. Never mind, eventually hit and passed the par line (just) and now it’s bed time! Day Word-count: 2,035. Total Word-count: 35,108

Day 22: Have been struggling a bit – not sure where this part of the story is really going. Seem to have found a path now though (and a legend about trolls along the way) so fingers crossed it’ll be easier going from here on in. Day Word-count: 1,902. Total Word-count: 37,010.

Day 23: Desperately needed a break today. I may regret this as I am away for the weekend but that just means Tuesday will be monster catch up day – I can’t get so close and give in now. But I was in no fit state to write anything today, I did at least get some reading done. Day Word-count: 45. Total Word-count: 37,055.

Day 24: Day Word-count: 509. Total Word-count: 37,564

Day 25:Day Word-count: 36. Total Word-count: 37,600

Day 26: Day Word-count: 100. Total Word-count: 37,700

Day 27: Catch up day take two! Day Word-count: 5,737. Total Word-count: 43,437

Day 28: Day Word-count: 1,614. Total Word-count: 45,051

Day 29: Catch up day take three! Day Word-Count: 1,959. Total Word-count: 47,010

Day 30: Last day! Got there though. Day Word-count: 3,027. Total NaNo Word-count: 50,037. Total Project Word-count: 54,76

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