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Off On a Treasure Hunt

It’s a beautiful day today – perfect Autumn picture with bright sunshine, blue skies, chilly wind and a bite to the air. With it being half-term we wanted to give the Smalls a treat and suddenly remembered that English Folkfan had set them a challenge:

So a Treasure Hunt around town it was. On went coats, shoes, hats and reins and out into the sunshine we poured, Tori gripping the ‘Treasure Map’ tightly and leading the way (with some gentle direction from Caius and I).

Tori spotted our first destination all by herself as we useless grown-ups totally forgot we were looking for it and almost walked right by! Chocolate rewards were handed out and on we went. Our third location involved going down a street I’d never been down before either but the view at the end of the clamber of stairs was well worth all the effort.

We popped inside the church for a look (and a warm up!) before continuing the hunt. The kids were a bit foiled by the next location because all the ivy had been cleared off the front of the building they were looking for, making it a bit harder to spot straight away. Mean people, confusing our little treasure hunters!

We tried attaching the Smalls to the second to last destination to take a picture… they didn’t appreciate it much but it gave us a bit of a chuckle.

And, finally, we reached the last destination on our map:

And at the end of our trail? TREASURE! And by ‘treasure’ I mean LUNCH! Chips and ice cream – what better treasure is there at the end of a beautiful Autumn walk through your home town?

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