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‘Grey’ – An Extract from ‘Faerie Or No’ ~ #100WCGU

I haven’t joined in with this for a while because NaNoWriMo has eaten all my creative-writing-ness but this week I decided to use it as a prompt because I’d got stuck in my NaNo piece. So here is what I came up with – carrying straight on from where I was up to in my children’s novel, Faerie Or No. (Another, longer, extract can be found here and my NaNoWriMo profile and a story synopsis is here  if you are interested in what I’m up to):


“George?” Eóghan spoke softly, afraid to raise his voice in case something he couldn’t see could hear him. “Are you sure Tempest knows where he is going?”

Tempest growled softly before George had chance to answer.

“He certainly thinks so.” Even George’s voice sounded grey in the fog. It was like it clung to their voices as well as their skin and their clothes. “And it’s not like we have any other choice any more. Do you know which way we came from?”

Eóghan shook his head. “No idea.” He sighed and carried on following in Tempest’s muddy paw prints.


Written as part of the 100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups

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