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December Reading

How is it December already? Oh well, that means I have 31 days to read 6 books in order to hit my personal target of 52 books in 2012. Along with finishing the novel I started last month in NaNoWriMo (but turned out to be a story that needs more than 50,000 words to tell) and, you know, doing Christmas.

Better get my nose stuck in some books then hadn’t I?

I have already started A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison – I picked it up when i finished my last November read but haven’t finished it so it will have to roll over into this month.

Along with that I intend to read:

The Christmas Mystery by Jostein Gaarder (A beautiful, beautiful book that makes a fabulous alternative to an advent calendar if you are after a non-chocolate option. It has a chapter per day for 1st-24th December.)

Caressed By Ice by Nalini Singh (Yes, another of her racy almost-beastiality Psy-Changeling novels. I’m a bit of a sucker for them, okay?)

The Firework-Maker’s Daughter by Philip Pullman (I remember this being a class reading book as a kid and enjoying it and fancy re-reading it to see if it’s as magical as my memory paints it.)

Lucy Gives It Up For The Boss by Jackie White (A free Kindle book. Clearly going to be porn. I don’t expect much from it to be honest.)

Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (I am a fan of her Raised By Wolves series so am quite looking forward to this one.)


I’m not going to bother with a reserve book because I’m going to struggle to squeeze all those in as it is. If I do read anything else it will probably be something I get for Christmas and can’t resist picking up. This is assuming I get any books for Christmas. I will be sad if I don’t.

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