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Christmas Guilt ~ A piece for the #100WCGU

This post is a re-imagined version of something that actually happened this Christmas Eve/Day.  I feel a tad guilty about it.

Basically, my parents have a bit of a mouse problem in their house at the moment and...


‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house everyone stirred, including a mouse.

There was an intriguing smell coming from the landing. One that made whiskers twitch and teeth chitter in anticipation.


Dark and bittersweet. Tempting and forbidden.

Just out of reach.

It is there for the taking, on a neat little platform, carefully laid out.

All that was needed was for the humans to go away. To settle and sleep, like they do every night, so the house becomes a playground again.

They’re up late.

It buys a few hours.

Finally lights out. Silence.

Sniffing. Creeping.

A taste of chocolate.



One thought on “Christmas Guilt ~ A piece for the #100WCGU

  1. Oh, my. Well, at least it died happy! (Seriously – mice are a MAJOR pest, however cute they are. We unintentionally lured them in with a package of grass seed once, and what a mess they created. Traps were the only answer, alas.)

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