Happy Birthday, Daddy!

My Daddy is 60 today. I could write a million things about what I love about him and memories and things but sometimes, pictures can say more.

So here are a few of things that make my Dad awesome…

dad7Taxi service. (Obviously.)

No, but really, Dad loves his cars. Though in my head he will always be the proud owner of a silver Shogun… even though the poor Shogun expired some time since. We had some good times in that car (despite my prolific car sickness) bouncing around on mountains and the like.

P1020298Caravan Holidays.

You say ‘holiday’ to me and I am immediately squished in a caravan with my parents and siblings, or, more recently, my parents and my children. But almost always we are squished in a touring caravan in a field somewhere listening to the rain on the awning outside and Mum and Dad are busy saving me from scary Daddy-Long-Legs (yes, even now *shudder*).

dad3Gardening & DIY

Dad loves getting new toys to play with – such as his log splitter or a new lawn mower or some other tool or magic device for using in the garden or house. What he really wants though is one of those mini JCBs, sadly my birthday budget didn’t quite stretch that far.


You know, like climbing on the flat roof of the house. This is Tori, but I remember doing it too – for exciting events like the local Town Hall burning down. We had a lovely view from up there…


Be it New Year or Bonfire Night, Dad is almost always in charge of the big thing that burns hot and the big things that go BANG!

P1020435Making Things.

Like carved Pumpkins, flat pack furniture, reading corners in my bedroom, building cupboards from scratch, putting beams up on the study ceiling, new guinea pig runs and toddler-proofing of various types…

dad6Ceremonial Meat Cremation.

It’s not a real BBQ if my Dad isn’t in charge. That is all.

dad1Painting & Decorating

Dad has done a lot of decorating in a lot of different houses and flats. He once painted my bedroom the most hideous shade of pink known to man because that’s what I said I wanted – it was so bright it reflected pink on the road outside when it rained…


Much like BBQing, Dad is chief meat carver. Especially at Christmas.

dad8Bar Tender.

The coasters on that drinks cabinet you see there say ‘Tim’s Bar’ – when it comes to alcohol Dad is the one who knows what goes with what and how you should drink things (with a mixer, over ice etc etc). Answering ‘anything’ to the question ‘what would you like to drink?’ is dangerous in his house. You will get a drink and be challenged to identify the ingredients – I usually get stuck after ‘lemonade’ if it’s fizzy…


Dad is not just a fantastic Daddy to me, he is also an amazing Grandad to Aiden, Tori, Arthur and Riley.

dad5But most of all, above everything else, he’s my Daddy and I love him.



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