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Thank You, Russia!

Do you remember back in January I wrote a post about a young Russian girl called Katya?

Well, she did me proud. I took her story, fleshed it out a bit, learned about Lake Baikal (20% of the Earth’s surface freshwater all in one lake in Russia – who knew?) and a little about the people that live there and created a 3, 500 word story called Ripples.

I then entered Ripples into a competition I had seen through Twitter – converted it into a .pdf attached it to an email and sent it off. And forgot all about it.

Well, guess what? Katya came in second place! Thanks to her randomly wandering into my mind I am £15 richer on my Amazon account and have had a much appreciated confidence boost.

It’s not easy, carrying on writing when most of the time you are so tired from chasing around a three and a half year old and an almost-two year old that you just want to curl up in a corner and sleep for a week. You start to doubt everything you do, even more than usual. I have been fairly convinced that most of what I have produced over the last year or so has been sleep-deprived nonsense but this has given me a bit of a slap and told me I’m just being an idiot.

I can write when I put my mind to it, I enjoy it when I don’t make it a chore and other people enjoy what I have written if I get brave enough to share it.

Ripples will be featuring on the Written Words Of Madmen blog some time in the next few months – and after that I will publish it on here too for you to read. Until then, here’s a bit of a Teaser Trailer for it to whet your appetite:


Katya is a young member of a Buryat tribe living on the shores of Lake Baikal in Russia, the last large source of unpolluted natural surface water on Earth. The Buryat tribes pride themselves on being guardians of the Lake, living traditionally and rejecting all modern technology.

Katya hates it all. She wants to be part of the ‘real’ world with cameras and lights and technology she’s probably never even dreamed of – she wants to change the world, not farm goats and look at a lake.

Then news comes that King William IV is coming on a State Visit to the Lake, and Katya’s village is chosen to host. Surely this is her chance to find a way out of the village and into the fast lane of life.

Surely this is Katya’s moment to change the world…

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