75 Book Challenge

On Falling Behind, But Not Giving Up.

I have challenged myself to read 75 books in 2013, which averages out to about 6 a month. In May I read a grand total of two books.

I read Must Love Dragons  by Stephanie Rowe and Huntress by L. J. Smith.

Neither of these were long. In fact, I read them both in one day each, they were so short. And I really enjoyed them, too. Must Love Dragons was a ridiculous romantic romp through a world that mixed the familiar with dragons, slayers and a grumpy Satan and Huntress was an indulgent blast from the past being the seventh in a series I read when I was about 8 but only read up to book 6. (I must have read books 1 to 6 about twelve times over, so finding books 7-9 in a second hand sale was just too good to resist. I was not disappointed.)

I am very behind. If I check with Goodreads I have now read 26/75 books and am 5 books behind schedule.

Five books.

Doesn’t sound much on one hand, but sounds a lot on the other.

I only read two books this month because I got fed up of reading. I got fed up of it all because I was being so strict with myself – choosing the books at the start of the month and reading books because they had sat on my shelf for ages, not because I wanted to read them. Turns out, some of them had sat there for ages because I didn’t really want to read them and by forcing myself into it, I started to resent the mere act of reading.

So I had a break.

I only read what I wanted to read, when I wanted to read it. The time I would have otherwise spent reading, I spent doing other things – for example I have rediscovered my favourite XBox game, Eternal Sonata, and have clocked up a good 40 hours on that instead. I could have read my book total in that time, I’m sure of it, but I doubt I would have had quite so much fun.

I haven’t given up on hitting my target, though I may relax my rules. I still want to read 75 books and I still want to read about 6 a month from now on. However, I’m going to be more flexible. I’m only going to ‘list’ two or three at the start of the month and leave the rest as free options where I just pick up what I fancy. Hopefully that way I won’t read myself into a rut again.

With that in mind, during June I am going to read:

Angel On The Ropes by Jill Schultz (which is a review book for NetGalley)

The New Vampire’s Handbook (which I started in April but still haven’t finished)

Fade to Black by Francis Knight

and, hopefully, at least 3 other random books that take my fancy. I know I have a train ride to London and back this month which is prime reading time so I just might get back on track. Then I can start worrying about playing catch up.

Because I am down but most certainly not out.

Watch this space 😉

3 thoughts on “On Falling Behind, But Not Giving Up.

  1. You should go on Kindle and download some free soft porn – right upped my book count this month XD Plus, we need to do some more book trades 🙂 🙂 I AM going to read both The King of Crags and For a Few Demons more this month, which means I’ll only have one book left to return to you! (so it obviously therefore follows that I must immediately borrow a load more…)

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