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Things You Never Knew About Dinosaurs – A Children’s Book Review

Things You Never Knew About Dinosaurs by Giles Paley-Phillips 

Illustrated by: Liz Pichon

Published: Parragon Books Ltd, 2013

Edition: Hardback (ARC of US edition – UK edition TBP August 2013)

Length: 26 pages

Genre: Children’s, Picture Book

Where Did I Get It? Kindly given to us for review as part of Parragon Books’ #BookBuddies

Summary (from the book jacket): On every street in every town, maybe next door to you, dinosaurs are doing things you won’t believe are true…

Like roller skating, dancing the Highland fling, starring in the movies and sailing the seven seas!

But what do dinosaurs love to do MOST?

A delicious dinosaur romp, full of surprises!

Opening Line:

Did you know that dinosaurs are still around today?


My Review: Arthur LOVES this book. I am never allowed to read it just once, it has to be at least three times and we have to stop and talk about all the pictures each time, too.

I haven’t seen him so excited about a book since he discovered Aliens Love Underpants and I’m sure he only likes that one because it has lots of pants in it.

Fun and funky illustrations with lots of details to talk about and funny things to make you smile go perfectly with the easy to read, rhyming text.

You discover not only that dinosaurs are still at large but also lots of things they love to do (and some things they really hate) finishing with a twist that lends itself perfectly to sudden bear hugs or tickling and lots of giggles.

A favourite for playtime as well as bedtime, Things You Never Knew About Dinosaurs is already a classic in our house and we’ve not even had it for a month!

My Rating: 5/5*

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