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September’s Reading Plan

According to the statistics, I need to read 6¼ books a month in order to hit my target of 75 books by 31st December.

However, I have decided I am tired of writing reading lists at the start of each month and then entirely failing to read them and feeling guilty about it afterwards.

With this in mind, I have done something I have been meaning to do in a long while – I have made myself a book jar. Throwing into a pretty pink jar, lots of folded sheets of paper each containing the title of an unread book on my shelves or Kindle – each colour-coded so that I know where to find them on my bookshelves (Red for Kindle, Green for my own books, Purple for books borrowed from friends).

The only books I am going to definitely plan ahead are those I have already started in the previous month but not completed or those I have a deadline to review. There should be at least one book overlapping to fill the quota of ‘quarter’ book each month afterall!

That means that in September I am going to to my best to complete:

Emerald (Pale Blue Dot) by Rosemary Smith – an eBook I am reading to review after the author contacted me on Twitter. I am enjoying it so far but moving house put paid to me reading it properly and I wanted to give it my full attention to review properly.

The Desert Spear (Demon Trilogy #2) by Peter V. Brett – this is an audiobook and I am racing through it as I do housework and sort out the boxes from moving. It is playing now as I type, in fact!

Evernight by Claudia Grey – this is the only iBook on my phone aimed at the over-5s and I’ve been reading it in situations that are unsuitable for listening to my audiobook, such as waiting for people to pick me up for lifts and suchlike.

On top of these three I will pull out random books from my jar to make up my total. I also need to return my library books from last month and no doubt will bring back at least one book with me from there.

3 thoughts on “September’s Reading Plan

  1. I really feel I should try this Book Jar thing. Only I have so many books I haven’t read it could quite literally take months to make it XD Fancy coming over one night next week and helping me? With wine of course 🙂


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