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Great Blogger’s Bake Off, Week #7 – Spotted Dick

As soon as I saw it was suet puddings this week, I knew I wanted to make Spotted Dick. It’s years since I had it but it makes me think of Sunday dinner at my parents’ house – warm, cozy thoughts of custard and homey pudding.


I’ve never made it before in my life and didn’t really know where to start. Firstly I was going to try it in the slow cooker but then I couldn’t find any suitable basins that fitted in it so had to scrap that idea.

Set to make it the traditional steaming way on Saturday, I began to sieve my self-raising flour into a bowl and realised with horror that my flour was looking somewhat more wriggly than usual.


Into the bin went the flour (and every other item in the cupboard got checked!) and off to the shops we went so that I could try again on Sunday after going to support our friend who was running the Tissington Half-Marathon.

Now armed with non-grub filled flour, I made the dough (I am a big fan of ‘chuck it all in and mix’ recipes) and made it into a Christmas cracker shaped affair.

Then realised it was way too long to fit in my dinky steamer and reshaped it into more of a blob – not winning any beauty contests here – and left it to steam for an hour and a half.

At the end of it I am pleased to report that my lumpy, unattractive looking Spotted Dick pudding was light, fluffy and incredibly tasty. Not pretty, but hey – it’s the taste that matters, right?

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2 thoughts on “Great Blogger’s Bake Off, Week #7 – Spotted Dick

  1. i do like how you present your photos!
    oh dear to your wriggly flour – at least you noticed before you cooked it otherwise your spotted dick would have had a lot more protein in!
    well done on making a great spotted dick – and yum to it being served with custard too x


  2. ewww weavils….they make my skin crawl thinking about them…I keep my flour in glass jars now to hopefully avoid it! your spotted Dick looks great anyway & glad you managed to squeeze it into the steamer!
    thanks for joining in.


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