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Easy Thank You Present Craft

Tori has loved her first year of school and utterly adores her class teacher. With this in mind I wanted to come up with a thank you present that was a bit different and would reflect how much fun Tori has had and also how much she has learned.

I also wanted it to be something that Tori had some kind of input in – I don’t know if her teachers drink or have any food allergies so that wrote off wine and chocolate or biscuits and anyway, they seem a bit easy and impersonal.

Which meant it had to be something crafty – my nemesis! Then I remembered something I had seen ages ago (probably on Pinterest) involving plain white crockery and Sharpies. Simple, relatively quick and something Tori and I could manage without disaster 😉

First up Tori and I headed to Wilkinsons where she picked out some plain white heart-shaped side plates which cost just £2 each.

We then headed home and I dug out my collection of coloured Sharpies and Tori set to work personalising the plates for her teacher and teaching assistant.

DSCF1038 plates3I quickly added a note on the back to remind them not to put their plates through the dishwasher – I don’t know whether the ink would survive or not but better safe than sorry!


That done I popped both plates into the oven (180°C) for half an hour to ‘bake’ the pen on.


Now I think I possibly left them in slightly too long as the colours got a bit washed out but it wasn’t terrible.


All it took then was a bit of ribbon and hey presto! Tori has presents to give to her teachers to say thank you and it was cheap, quick and painless to do. Perfect – I just hope they like them!


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