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Autumn Reading Challenge

I have noticed recently that there are several books on my shelves that are book two or three or even later in a series that I just haven’t got around to reading yet so I have decided I am going to do a bit of a series catch up.

I need to read the next two instalments of The Mortal Instruments series, starting with City of Fallen Angels (#4) which have been sat on my shelf since Christmas because book #3 felt like such a proper ending that I never felt the need to read the next book. I did start it, I think, but I don’t remember anything so will have to start again. I have a feeling book #6 has happened since I bought the series so I may have to find that after I finish #5 too, for the sake of completion.

I need to read The Order of the Scales and The Black Mausoleum (Books #3 and #4 of The Memory of Flames series by Stephen Deas) – I have had book #3 on my shelf since March 2013 and I won book #4 in a Twitter contest not long after that. I loved the first two books and I’m not sure why I never picked number three up straight away.

I also need to buy and read book #3 in John and Carole E. Barrowman’s Hollow Earth series – The Book Of Beasts. Mostly because I want to read it but also because Liberty and my mum also want to read it and rely on me to provide them with my copy to borrow as I have done with the rest of the series. Sometimes I feel like a library…

That gives me 5, potentially six books to read through September, October & November – assuming I can get hold of that final Mortal Instruments book from the library as I don’t want to buy it. I should be able to manage that!

One thought on “Autumn Reading Challenge

  1. Hey! I got a copy of Bone Quill for review if I remember correctly and gave it to you 😛 😛 Also, I think I have The Order of the Scales at mine – pinch it back if you get round to it!!


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