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Introducing Augurdale

If you follow Liberty or I on Twitter (or Facebook), you may have noticed us trying to get you to follow the Augurdale accounts over there.

Augurdale is our latest project together and it is a lot of fun – it is a book series set in a town hidden away in the north of England called, you guessed it, ‘Augurdale’. The town is a little out of place in the modern day but that is probably something to do with the residents being somewhat unusual – Liberty explains more about it in this post.


We are working on the website (there will be something there eventually, honest!) and the books are well in progress but currently the best way to get to know what Augurdale is about is to follow on Facebook and Twitter. These accounts are run in character and are meant to give you a bit of a peek into the Augurdale world of mythical beasts and legendary creatures.

Both of the accounts are run by a brownie called Edith Barker – a friendly, bubbly Fey girl who runs the PR office for the town and has a penchant for honey and porridge. She keeps you updated with events going on in the town, special offers on in businesses, best buys at the local market and reminders about school holidays as well as other bits of news and information – both serious and fun.

This daily feed helps to give you an insight to what is in the town as well as who lives there (and, more importantly, what lives there) and it also feeds you little clues and hints to what is to come in the book series. People mentioned in the tweets will come in to the books and so will the places.

By following the Twitter and Facebook feeds you get to immerse yourself in the world of Augurdale and play along – Outsiders aren’t really allowed in but if you follow on the social media you become an honourary citizen and have free reign to ask questions and even release your inner mythical beast if you so desire.

The feeds will also let you know when the website gets updated – there are some short stories in the making to whet your appetite and there will be profiles of the main characters to help you know who’s who and other bits of information about the books as and when they are released.

Edith awaits your company online – today marks a big festival in Augurdale so everybody is out and about. It’s Mabon, or the Autumn Equinox and the festival of harvest and the long nights drawing in is well underway.

There is an altar set up in the Temple Gardens for citizens to leave their harvested offerings, celebratory community meals are planned for lunch time AND dinner, there is music and dancing, meditation sessions and story telling – a bit of everything for everyone. The Werewolves usually go for a midnight run and the fairies, nymphs and dryads will be leading the dancing so you just know it will be spectacular fun.

Please come and join us on Facebook and Twitter and join in the fun, see you there!

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