Learning To Drive

Carole Finds Her Wheels #2

Second lesson down and as promised we meandered around town doing lots of junction practise. And stalling. I did lots of that, too.

Less stalling happened after I had moved my seat forward because it turns out I’m too short even for a Mini…

Mostly it went well, I am getting better at checking my mirrors without wobbling into the side of the road and I am getting better at changing gear without driving sideways, too.


I need my feet to learn how to work independently of each other – yesterday I was accelerator happy and today I was clutch happy. Then when I was consciously trying not to do this my feet decided to have the same issue I get with my hands when I try to play piano – they both did the same thing at the same time. Which is also not useful.


That being said, I managed to safely navigate round lorries, badly parked cars, post vans and the bin lorry without too much issue and I only drove the passenger side of the bonnet through a hedge once… (I *may* have turned out of the junction a bit tightly.)
The majority of junctions were left turns so there wasn’t much crossing of lanes – apparently that’s next week. I also failed at the one roundabout we came to and ended up having to go all the way round it because I panicked and forgot to turn off it. I’ll work on that.
I have three lessons lined up for next week the first of which will be more of the same as today with a few more right turns thrown in so I can practise getting my feet to do the right things at the right times. I shall keep you updated with my progress (and mishaps, though hopefully I won’t be driving through any more hedges!)

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