Learning To Drive

Carole Finds Her Wheels #6

I drove most of the way to Wem in our car between my last two lessons. It was a bit weird switching from a Mini to Chaos – felt a bit like I was driving a tank at first! Quite enjoyed it and I am getting a bit more confident, I found it hard to switch back to the Mini though – the bite points on the clutches are in very different places.

My lesson was back to mini roundabouts and junctions – I still get a bit flustered and had a few wobbly steering moments but overall I’m getting there. My feet are behaving better, I just need the rest of me to catch up now!

I have also driven our car down to Morrisons from our house which combined all the things that scare me most – hills and mini roundabouts. Made it there alive (with the kids in the back laughing at me stalling) and made a dodgy first attempt at parking in a car park…


I also drove part of the way home from our cinema trip today which involved driving in snowy weather and rain. I also had to go into 5th gear which I’ve never done before and fluffed the first time so Caius had to put it in gear for me. I managed it second time round though. Roundabouts are a bit terrifying – so much to take in and remember.

It’s all feeling a little bit scary again at the moment although I don’t feel like I can’t do it, I just feel like I need LOTS more practise before I feel safe/confident behind the wheel. I’m sure I’ll get there. 3 more lessons booked for next week and no doubt a few more runs around town in Chaos too. Every little helps, right?

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