Learning To Drive

Carole Finds Her Wheels #8

After Tuesday’s lesson I also drove the car into town to pick the kids up and then Caius had me driving round for a bit afterwards doing all my favourite things like roundabouts and driving down the steepest hills he could find. It was so terrible, Arthur fell asleep in the back.

Then in the morning I drove to Morrisons, parked almost as badly as last time, drove home again and came to the conclusion that I hate our drive. I hope nobody else wants to park on it today because I have left Chaos smack bang in the middle of it! Caius says I’m improving though so that’s good. Doesn’t feel like I am though :/

Wednesday’s lesson was a bit of a mixed bag. It turns out I excel at emergency stops but my week of muddled brain power is mostly continuing and I had issues with what pedal to press first and when to change gear. I just feel all flustered about it all the time now and it’s bugging me a bit.

I have done a few bits more of practising in Chaos that mostly seems to involve stalling in the middle of mini roundabouts but my parking is improving and likewise my parking. Driving in the dark is becoming a thing, too. Once I remember where the switch for the lights is.

I think I need to re-find my confidence a bit. I’m just feeling a little shaky about everything even though I’m not failing spectacularly at anything (aside from getting all the way round tiny little roundabouts.)

3 thoughts on “Carole Finds Her Wheels #8

  1. This was exactly myself just over 18 months back! I felt like everything was planted in place deliberately to make that drive around the town a bad one and i would feel rubbish so I decided to combat this by driving around it again until I had a good one. Makes such a difference Carole, if your not satisfied with your drive/parking just do it again and I promise you you’ll come away feeling triumphant. Good luck 😀


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