April 2015 Reading Recap

I have just realised that I am behind on my reading challenge for 2015 to read 52 books in the year so I have decided to start posting monthly roundups again with a book count to try and get myself back into gear!

In April I have read:

Homecoming: The 100 by Kass Morgan, 3/5*. Click here for the full review.

Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel, 5/5*. I wasn’t expecting to love this as much as I did. It got quite hyped and having heard it was post-apocalyptic but also literary I was expecting it to be poncy and boring. It was neither. Instead it was haunting and beautiful and clever. It was compulsive even though, when I properly thought about it, not a lot happened once 98% of the world’s population finished dying from flu and that was over pretty quickly. I listened to it as an audiobook and I kept finding myself looking for excuses to be in a different room to everybody else so that I could listen to a few more minutes. Definitely a must-read and one of my favourite reads so far this year.

Max The Flying Sausage Dog by John O’Driscoll, Richard Kelley & Arthur Robins, 4/5*. Click here for the full review.

Kidnapped At Birth (Marvin Redpost #1) by Louis Sacher 3/5*, Tori brought this home as her reading book and I am reading it along with her because I loved Holes by the same author. (I skipped ahead and read the rest of this before Tori did. It was enjoyable and an easy read (for me, Tori is struggling with the Americanisms a little) but I did find the ending a bit of a cop-out. I guess it was just setting up for the rest of the series but I won’t be going out and hunting down the next book unless Tori wants it – I will wait and see what Tori thinks of the ending when she gets there.)

That lot takes my reading total for 2015 up to 13 out of 52 which means I’m apparently three books behind schedule – better get reading!

I have also started, but not finished:

I Shall Wear Midnight (Discworld #38, Tiffany Aching #4) by Terry Pratchett. (Library Book) My first Pratchett book since he passed away, it will be weird knowing that as I fill in the gaps of the few Discworld novels I have missed out, that there won’t be any more ‘new’ ones later.

Assassin’s Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy #1) by Robin Hobb (Audiobook), I have been meaning to read this for years. Finally got myself the audiobook to listen to – hope it lives up to the long wait!

Half Dead and Fully Broken by Kevin Craig, I have been reading this since February. It’s not massively long, I just can’t seem to get into it enough to not keep putting it down.

The Undead Pool by Kim Harrison. Caius bought me this for my birthday last year and it has been taunting me from my shelf ever since. I have finally picked it up with equal measures of excitement and reluctance – I desperately want to read it but I know the series is drawing to a close and there’s only one left after this so I don’t want it to end.

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