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My September Project with Make It Coats UK – Success!!

I have loved making this scarf – I know it was simple and as basic as you could get – but I found it very therapeutic and by the time I reached the end I felt confident enough that the prospect of trying something more complex next time isn’t horrifying.

Knitting a chunky scarf on cool Autumn nights is a brilliant way to keep warm – definitely a good pass-time for the cooler nights.

The scariest part of this project was joining in new balls of wool – I didn’t even have a clue where to start. I asked Twitter and there was an even split between suggesting I tied the two yarns together and knitting the knew yarn in.

I opted to knit it in for this project – next time I might try tying them together just so I can see which tactic I prefer.

I liked how I couldn’t really see the join after knitting it in and even me deliberately trying to pull it apart again didn’t work so I hope it will last. 

Finally it came to casting off – I was a little terrified of this bit but after managing to knit in the new balls of wool I figured I’d be okay.

The instructions in the Patons Learn To Knit book are so clear and simple, they take the fear out of new things even for idiots like me.  

I’m really pleased that I finished my project and I have already packaged up the finished product and sent it to my big sister.

Not just because I think the colour will suit her but because she too is knitting a scarf… And has been knitting that same scarf for the last 27 years. Apparently she is almost at the point of casting off but who knows when that will happen – so I sent her my finished one to keep her warm in the mean time.

Because that’s what nice baby sisters do 😉

I can’t thank Make It Coats UK enough for helping me pluck up the courage to pick up some knitting needles – and I’m super excited to see what is coming up next. And how well I can cope when I have to do more than one type of stitch 😉

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